111: Inspiring human brilliance and peak performance with Shaun Peet, NASCAR Pit Crew Coach

Season #1

What do you get when you combine crystal clear expectations, fostering a culture where vulnerability is strength, and igniting the brilliance within each team member? A NASCAR pit crew that can jack up a car, change 4 tires, and refuel it in 8 seconds.

On episode 111 of Managing Made Simple, I’m joined by Shaun Peet, NASCAR Pit Crew Coach & Chief Culture Officer for Trackhouse Racing who shares his leadership secrets around building strong team cultures and creating a high-performing team in the highest pressure of environments.

We talk about facing impostor feelings, the power of genuinely caring for your team members, how to foster an ownership mindset, and more.

About Shaun: 
Shaun is the pit crew coach and Chief Culture Officer for Trackhouse Racing. In addition to his day job, he travels around the country leveraging lessons on how he has created high-performing cultures in the highest of stress environments to help teams break through barriers on their teams and connect on a deeper level through the experiential learning of a real-life pit crew simulation.

Connect with Shaun: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaun-peet-907ba9154/



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