Are you wondering... to drive more efficiency in your teams without burning people out? to keep motivation high amidst all of the uncertainty in the workplace? to develop your managers to empower instead of micromanage? to increase scores in your annual engagement surveys in a way that LASTS?

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Wondering how to deliver results on your team and keep motivation high in the midst of all of the uncertainty right now?


You've come to the right place :) 

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"Lia's many talents, experience, and practical approach to building resilient high-performing teams is unmatched. I've had the privilege to witness firsthand the transformative impact of her guidance, including double digit increases in employee sentiment scores following her programming. I can't think of a better way to elevate your organization and find deeper enjoyment in your work."

Engineering Director,  Project Starline, Google

Bestselling author and featured  workplace expert across...

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We're all asking right now... do I drive more efficiency in my team without burning people out? do I keep motivation high amidst all of the uncertainty in the workplace? do I make it safer for people to take risks and innovate on my team? do I develop my managers to empower instead of micromanage? do I increase scores in my employee engagement survey in a way that LASTS?


Between the pandemic, recession, great resignation, and pursuit of more flexibility, teams are going through A LOT.

Whether you're looking to keep a high performing team firing on all cylinders or get a struggling team into their flow state, it's time to get them the support they need.

How do you deliver results and keep motivation high in the midst of all of the uncertainty?


3 ways to work together

Workshops for Managers & Teams

Looking for ways to keep motivation and productivity high without burning people out? Want to support your teams in working better together?

These targeted workshops support managers in empowering their teams, building psych safety, and strengthening communication to achieve higher efficiency and better results. 

Engagement Survey Excellence Program

Employee engagement survey results aren't what you want them to be? Have strong results and are eager to maintain them amidst all of the change? 

This comprehensive program supports you end to end in achieving higher results that last; from understanding the nuances in the data to action planning to a comprehensive communication strategy.

Unstuck Coaching Circle for Women

Eager to cultivate women talent and drive higher retention of women on your team?

This eight-week group coaching program for women is designed to develop leadership skills & build strong networks of support, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to their growth and success.

Current & past clients

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My Core Services:

Organizational Effectiveness Strategy, Manager Development, Coaching

I help teams and individuals remove the obstacles getting in the way from being their best so they can tap into their unlimited potential at work.

Innovative Programs & Workshops

Between the pandemic, recession, great resignation, and pursuit of more flexibility, organizations are struggling to find their stride and keep employees motivated and engaged. ​People managers are bearing the brunt of it.

Supporting people managers in the fundamentals of sparking motivation and effectiveness in their teams, I develop custom programs and workshops to  foster inclusive environments, build psychological safety, give and receive feedback, and establish healthy team norms during times of change.

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1:1 Executive & Performance Coaching

You're feeling stuck and have tried everything, but can't seem to break through. Or you know you want something more than you have right now, but can't quite put into words what that is or how to get there. ​

Whether you are navigating a career or life transition, working to shape your personal brand, or striving to design the career of your dreams, my coaching offers a safe space to push through the roadblocks getting in your way from being your best.

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Keynotes &

Your team or organization wants to be inspired, but when the focus is only on the theoretical, audiences are left without the tools to put the concepts into action.

With extensive experience in organizational dynamics and building effective teams, my talks lean on story, concrete examples, and a healthy dose of humor to bring tangible and actionable strategies to tackle any workplace challenge.


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As an organizational effectiveness consultant and workplace strategist I’ve supported organizations across big tech, startups, law, finance, and beyond to achieve greater efficiency on their teams, higher performance, and improved scores on their employee engagement surveys. 

My coaching gives my clients the boost they needs to blow past their goals. Landing senior level promotions, elevating their personal wealth by negotiating for the salary they deserve, securing high profile jobs in coveted companies, and breaking free of the corporate world to launching their own thriving businesses are examples of wins I've been able to support my clients in achieving.

I'm a sought-after speaker at conferences and within company events and offsites, with a proven track record across TEDx, SXSW, and the Tech Inclusion Conference. My TEDx talk, helping people build more confidence making decisions, has been watched almost 300k times. 

"Lia's reframing framework is brilliant. There have been many times I've felt stuck,
and after talking to Lia, I had a fresh perspective and a new plan for action."

Director of Ad Sales, DoorDash

Reframing the workplace across TV


#1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Stuck between all of the expectations society puts on us and the pressures we put on ourselves? I'm right there with you, and I'm ready for a new narrative. 

Between the biases, double standards, and unsustainable expectations women face in our society, it’s no surprise our inner critics are on hyperdrive. Over time, this inner narrative creates a set of limiting perspectives that can get in the way of getting to where we want to be in our careers. Essentially, we get stuck. 

Aren't we sick of that sh*t?

It’s time to reframe this narrative and explore the wide range of perspectives available to us when we encounter a challenge, so we can finally get unstuck, and be free from the patterns and people that hold us back.

With over FIFTY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews on Amazon, join the countless others who are going after what they want in their careers!

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