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Scale your business without
burning yourself out

Get the ultimate system for streamlining team operations, allowing you to scale your business, grow your team, and generate higher profits, all without doing more work

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Scale your business without burning yourself out

Get the ultimate system for streamlining team operations, allowing you to scale your business, grow your team, and generate higher profits, all without doing more work

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Introducing the Ops Playbook
a "done for you" program for 7+ figure business owners
to streamline your team operations, saving you time and money


Where you're stuck

😰 You are paying your team members well but feel like you’re the only person focused on growing your business, and the pressure keeps you awake at night

😰 Your business has hit a plateau and you know you won’t be able to get from $1M to $5M, or $5M to $10M

😰 You are deep in the weeds, making more decisions than you should be and working on low level work and aren’t sure what to delegate

😰 You don’t have any systems in place for repeatable work

😰 You don’t set a lot of boundaries with clients and feel like you have to be available all of the time 

😰 You are working constantly, can’t step away in the evenings or weekends, and definitely not take a vacation  

Your path forward

🥳 By clearly defining your team members' roles (and specific tasks)in growing your business, you will transform them into profit generating machines

🥳 By getting support in mapping out your team operations, you will break through your financial plateau

🥳 By auditing your time and decisions, you will be able to delineate what you need to spend time on and where you can delegate

🥳 By clarifying expectations, all work will be repeatable

🥳 By clarifying your operating model with clients, your boundaries will be respected

🥳 By connecting the dots between priorities and expectations, employees will always know what to focus on

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How it works


The Ops Playbook is a DONE FOR YOU solution that guides a small business owner from where they are today to where they want to be across six foundational aspects of how work gets done on their team; identifying the lightweight processes, systems, or SOPs needed to bridge that gap.

The program includes:

  • 4-hour deep-dive into each of the 6 focus areas for building an effective team. You will come away from this call with IMMEDIATE actions to implement that will save you time and money. Average clients identify optimizations of 30 hours and $14k-100k PER MONTH
  • Design & creation of your Ops Playbook, customized to your business
  • Presentation to your team to introduce the playbook and land the value it brings
  • 3 months of implementation support/coaching for you and your team (can be used for 1:1 coaching for business owner/managers/team members, development of templates and resources, business growth strategy sessions, workshops for the team) 

Within 90 days, you will be saving 30 hours a month in time spent focused on the wrong things, get one extra day back PER WEEK, and have a clear plan for when and how to scale. 


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What people are saying...

A PR company transformed

The Client: The Pitch Club

The Challenge: A business owner eager to get out of the weeds and into growth-mode and turn a division of her business from a cost center to a profit center

The Result: "In the three or four weeks since since we we worked with Lia on the playbook in the last month, my team is now nearly paid in client acquisition and basically retention and ongoing client payments, they paid for over half of their cost. And by September 1st, which is in just a little over 40 days, we should be completely profitable with an area of business that was only costing money, which is not only great for the bottom line, but it's just great from an energetic standpoint for me, because I don't feel such pressure to always be the one that has to create the clients and the sales."


A MedSpa CEO eager to scale herself and her business

The Client: Sculpt Wellness

The Challenge: A CEO feeling like no matter what she focused on, there was always more to do; worried she was missing opportunities to grow her business and better serve her clients. 

The Result: "I just know that for so many other business owners out there or for CEOs, it can just feel like you're always spinning your wheels and not a lot of movement. And you really, how you were able to come in and so quickly pull out of me what you helped me realize, I actually do know what I need to do. I just have never had anyone help me be able to like structure it in a way that feels realistic, doable, and then you just immediately and so quickly in such a quick turnaround, creating an action plan... I really am blown away at your expertise, your, special gift that you have to come in and to really read a team and to see where there's communication blocks and where there's room for improvement and how to really like 10X productivity."

A MedSpa in hyper growth mode

The Client: BevelUp

The Challenge: A CEO scaling to her second location, eager to maintain the same world class luxury experience from one location to the next as she expands, and have more ownership across the team in growing the business. 

The Result: "After introducing the playbook to the team, I feel like I have given them the support and clarity they need to succeed - a road map about who we are as a brand and where they show up in that success story. It has taken the burden of being an "issues manager" or "guidance counselor" for the team off my shoulders and given them the freedom to move through challenges with confidence. The team now has a resource that clearly defines how success looks at BevelUp and it has given me the freedom to focus on building the brand."

"Lia's many talents, experience, and practical approach to building resilient high-performing teams is unmatched. I've had the privilege to witness firsthand the transformative impact of her guidance, including double digit increases in employee sentiment scores following her programming. I can't think of a better way to elevate your organization and find deeper enjoyment in your work."

Engineering Director, Google


"Lia was fabulous! She spoke to our group of leaders to frame our forthcoming conversations about Navigating Risk & Reward. She was warm and friendly while her experience and knowledge about workplace realities really showed through. It was exactly what we needed, got the group thinking about — and engaged in — the topic, and ready to explore it together even more in the future. Thank you, Lia!"

Vice President, The National Nonprofit Alliance


"Lia and I focused on strengthening my skills around people management and giving difficult feedback. Her coaching helped me delegate responsibilities better, saving me hours of time in my own work, and turn around the performance with a struggling team member into a star employee."

Group Account Director, Skona

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Hi, I'm Lia

I'm the bestselling author of Unstuck, TEDx speaker, host of the Managing Made Simple podcast, and team operations consultant with experience leading team operations across Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America. 

When the pandemic turned workplace culture and team dynamics upside down, my passion for building effective teams became my purpose, and left a thriving career in tech to drive transformation in the workplace at scale. My motto is “disruption without destruction,” and I offer simple action-oriented solutions to get teams working at their best. 

As the Founder of the The Workplace Reframe business consulting firm, I now equips innovative organizations of any size and industry with the tools to cultivate inclusive, motivated, high performing teams resulting in higher retention, more efficiency, and better business results. 

I'm a sought after expert in the media, featured across Inc, FastCompany, ABC News, CNN Business, US News & World Report, HBR, and more.

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The Ops Playbook Method

We set up your tailored team operations gameplan 
focusing on 6 fundamentals of high performing teams.


Think of it as the "plateau breaker".


What is the "welcome" experience on the team; where do people go to understand the business and get up to speed, who do they talk to?

How do you bring people up to speed on the team culture and working norms?

You will come away with an onboarding guide for your team so people can hit the ground running once hired.


Based on the vision for the team, what are the supporting priorities to get everyone bought in around the bigger picture?

How are these shared; what is the communication process when they shift or tradeoffs come up?

You will come away with clarity on your top priorities and how to evaluate tradeoffs in your business.


How are expectations set on a team-member level? How do people who what success or "done" looks like?

How are expectations set around roles & responsibilities, independent work vs collaborative?

You will come away the core expectations you have of your team members, including team norms, communication, etc.

Work Tracking

What are the processes and systems for tracking projects and tasks? Is everyone actively using the same systems?

How do you understand and assess how time is being spend? Plan and forecast for the future?

You will come away with clarity on what system to use to track work and how your team comes together as a group.

Decision Making

What is the process for making decisions, reviewing progress, approving work?

What kinds of decisions need to go to which person? Where do Individual team members make decisions and what Is the expectation around visibility up the chain?

You will come away with an understanding of all of the decisions that need to be made in your business, and which to delegate.


How is performance evaluated and how frequently? What is the goal of assessing performance?

What are the inputs to the conversation? What does the conversation include?

You will come away with a plan for connecting performance to expectations, and how to handle raises/bonuses, promotions, and growth

It's often the little things that add up that cost us the most time and money in our business. 

Check out my "Team Efficiency Savings Calculator" to get insight into how much money you're leaving on the table by not streamlining your team operations

Don't worry, I'll also show you how to solve them :)

What else is cooking cooking?

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Overwhelmed, frustrated, or burned out? It's time to get UNSTUCK. Unstuck is your field manual for looking at places you are feeling stuck and reframing your perspective, opening up all new ways of handling even the toughest situations, from feedback to comparison to negotiating and more. 

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Team Workshops

Whether it's supporting your managers with issues like giving feedback, navigating change, or communication norms around hybrid work; or team-wide topics like owning our accomplishments & overcoming impostor syndrome, my targeted workshops help higher engagement and better performance on teams

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