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#1 Bestselling author of Unstuck: Reframe your thinking to free yourself from the patterns and people that hold you back


TEDx Boca Raton 2022 "Your Decisions Aren't Wrong, Your Inner Critic Is" with ~300k views; SXSW 2022


Seasoned leader with experience driving team operations in some of the biggest names in tech and finance supporting businesses large in small in building better teams.

Hi, I'm Lia!


With a decade of experience working in team operations in the corporate world, working in some of the most influential companies across tech and finance including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America - I’ve seen what it takes to create high performing teams, and what gets in the way.

As the workplace continues to change at a rapid pace, a new generation enters the workforce, we face a looming recession, and we navigate hybrid and distributed work, you might be wondering, “how do I setup my team for lasting success?"

​That’s where I come in.

My story


Lia Garvin is the bestselling author of Unstuck, TEDx speaker and workplace strategist with experience leading team operations across Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America. 

When the pandemic turned workplace culture and team dynamics upside down, Lia’s passion for building effective teams became her purpose, and left a thriving career in tech to drive transformation in the workplace at scale. Lia’s motto is “disruption without destruction,” and offers simple action-oriented solutions to get teams working at their best. 

As the Founder of the The Workplace Reframe organizational strategy firm, she now equips innovative organizations of any size and industry with the tools to cultivate inclusive, motivated, high performing teams resulting in higher retention, more efficiency, and better business results. She is a sought after expert in the media, featured across Inc, FastCompany, ABC News, CNN Business, US News & World Report, HBR, Yahoo, and TV news.

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