Building great teams is hard. I'm here to make it a whole lot easier. 

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Building great teams is hard. I'm here to make it a whole lot easier.



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"Lia's many talents, experience, and practical approach to building resilient high-performing teams is unmatched. I've had the privilege to witness firsthand the transformative impact of her guidance, including double digit increases in employee sentiment scores following her programming. I can't think of a better way to elevate your organization and find deeper enjoyment in your work."

Engineering Director,  Project Starline, Google

Where are you getting stuck?

Do you want to develop your people managers?

Right now managers are on the front lines of all of the change and uncertainty happening in the workplace, pushing many to the brink of burnout, or worse… micromanagement. 

They’re being stretched in new ways, navigating flexibility and return to office, recession and cutbacks, all while trying to deliver great work and motivate their teams. It’s A LOT. 

For quick resources on how to help managers empower as opposed to micromanage, check out my article in Harvard Business Review: How to Stop Micromanaging and Start Empowering. 

But I’m gonna guess your people want a little more love, and my Micro to Macro Manager Development Program is all about giving managers the tools to build strong relationships with their teams, give effective feedback, delegate delegate effectively, and develop their own careers will equip your managers with everything they need to elevate their effectiveness as people managers. 

Chock full of practical actionable tools and a whole lot of stories, your managers will come away with strategies they can deploy immediately to better support their teams while taking work off of their own plates. 


How about increase motivation and efficiency on your teams?


Got team members believing the myth that good work just gets noticed? Or that feedback is just list of things people don’t like about them? Or that failure should be avoided at all costs, or AT LEAST covered up if it happens? Yep. We’ve all been there. 

With teams across any industry and sector having to “do more with less” the time to focus on how to build effective teams is NOW. If you can’t hire more people, and there are only a limited amount of hours in the day, you have to focus on improving *how* work gets done.

My interview in Inc.: The Best Leaders Do These 3 Things to Help Their Employees Achieve Enormous Success shares a few strategies to get you started. 

For hands-on support, my Unstoppable Teams 3-part workshops series’ are designed to empower your teams with tools and skills to make things like impostor syndrome, fear of failure, communication breakdowns, and feedback dread a thing of the past.

Whether it's building stronger lines of communication, collaborating better across distances, sharing more impactful feedback, and simplifying processes to deliver a higher quality of work - all of our work together is targeted at  optimizing the *how* so you can operate more efficiently and effectively. 


Eager to improve your employee engagement survey results?

Engagement surveys are a company wide opportunity to get real feedback from our teams, but knowing exactly what to action and how can be tough.

A lot of times, we get feedback based on things that leaders and managers have already been working tirelessly to fix, making it hard to know what to change. Or the team compositions and priorities change, and it's hard to understand what worked and what didn’t. 

Check out my conversation with Strategic CHRO: Reframing the Conversations at Work for some of my strategies for creating greater motivation on your team.

To set you up for long term success, my  ESAT Survey Excellence Program gives you everything you need to launch a targeted effort to increase specific areas in your employee engagement feedback AND bring more visibility to what is already in the works.

With a combination of focus groups to dive deeper into the results, action planning workshops, and a targeted communication strategy, get ready to see measurable improvements in the satisfaction of the employees on your team.


Women are leaving the corporate world in record numbers. Want to make your organization a place where they stay?

The LeanIn + McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace 2022 Report shows us that women are leaving the workplace in record numbers, citing the “broken rung” in the ladder getting in their way from reaching the next step in their career. 

What does this mean? They’re facing stronger resistance in promotion and advancement, aren’t receiving recognition for their work, and don’t feel like their organizations are investing in them. 

We can give our women all of the development tools under the sun, but if they don’t feel like their company cares about their success, they’re not going to stay.

My Accelerate Group Coaching Program is aimed at both sides of this equation - supporting women in developing leadership skills and a network of support WHILE demonstrating that their organization is investing in them as a person. 

Weaving together stories from my decade navigating the ups and downs of the corporate world, tools from my bestselling book Unstuckreal-time coaching, and exercises to deepen the learning, this program is designed to re-energize women on your team around their goals and confidence in achieving them within your organization. 

Our free consult call is an opportunity for you to share what's top of mind for you and your team, or where folks are getting stuck and you'd like support, so I can share a few tools or actions you can deploy on your team right away.  

Following the call, I'll send you a customized diagnostic
 including key areas to focus to solve whatever challenge your team is facing.

"Lia was instrumental in helping our group step away from the day-to-day to help walk through tangible ways of addressing crucial conversations and communication. This was imperative to our business as the team is adjusting to a new performance review system. Lia was made the session relevant to our objectives via stories, tips and workshop sessions. Thank you Lia!"

Head of Value Consulting, Platforms, Google

Results you can expect


This is one of my most popular places to dive in with teams because I bring tried and tested methods that I developed across a number of years at Google to increased engagement scores on your teams. Focusing on BOTH perception and action, I equip managers with both the WHAT and the HOW to move the needle on people's reported experience on their teams. 

Training teams on how to address process and systems through the lenses of CLARITY, SIMPLICITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY, teams I work with are able to make it easier to get work done, resulting in the work getting done faster. A win-win and a MUST area of focus in a climate of doing more with less

Let's face it, when it comes to effectiveness on a team, (dare I say) 90% is about improving communication - because when people have open lines of communication, issues come to the surface earlier, people are clearer on roles and responsibilities, trust is built, and you have set the stage for higher psychological safety. Diving explicitly into how to move psych safety from the theoretical to the practical, teams I work with come away with specific tools to deploy to improve communication on their teams. 

You know what kinds of teams people stick around in? The ones who demonstrate they invest in their people. I drive this point home in my programs and workshops, bringing full circle the investment their organizations have made in them and how they can leverage the content to accelerate their own careers.

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"Lia and I focused on strengthening my skills around people management and giving difficult feedback. Her coaching helped me delegate responsibilities better, saving me hours of time in my own work, and turn around the performance with a struggling team member into a star employee."

Group Account Director,
 Digital Marketing Firm

For me, building great teams isn't a job, it's a purpose, and I cannot WAIT to bring out the best in your team.


"I started working with Lia during a moment when I didn't feel like I was getting the recognition I deserved at work. She helped me see where I was getting in my own way and tell my story with more impact, resulting in getting a promotion the next review cycle and earning a higher salary."

UX Designer, Meta

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Whether it's developing more effective and empowered managers, strengthening your team's relationship with feedback, or fostering a stronger sense of inclusion, or beyond - I have you covered.