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Lia Garvin

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➡️ Why everything feels so much harder than it needs to?
➡️ Why decisions get reopened after everyone seemed aligned?
➡️ Why inclusion programs aren’t working after everyone seemed invested?
➡️ Why work is delayed or not delivered at quality?
➡️ Why there is duplication of efforts or redundancies?

Through my hands-on workshops and team coaching, not only will I answer these questions, I’ll give you the tools and strategies for never having to ask them again.

Topics I focus on include:
⭐️ Reframing accountability from blame to ownership to drive unstoppable high performing teams
⭐️ Developing effective and inclusive managers who empower and inspire (while taking on less work)
⭐️ Inclusion is more than a happy hour
⭐️ Failure as feedback, and how to reframe failure and build a culture of innovation
⭐️ Owning our accomplishments and talking about our work with impact
... or throw another topic my way and we'll make it happen

If you’re looking to recession-proof your team and set yourself up for success for the future of work - look no further.

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Types of Engagements

Organizational Consulting & Workshops

The workplace is transforming, and we're all in the process of figuring out how to build motivated, high performing teams in the midst of all of this change. 

My interactive workshops focus on building the fundamental skills to foster motivation, engagement, and inclusion on teams to drive higher performance and employee retention. 
Workshops are typically 1-2 hours for a single topic, 1/2-full day for multiple topics

Example topics include:
  • Reframing accountability to drive effectiveness - how reframing our perspective on accountability from punishment/blame to ownership and clarity in expectations has the power to transform the workplace, lead to higher performing teams, and reduce burnout
  • Developing effective and inclusive managers - setting managers up for success as they navigate hybrid and distributed teams, flexibility, and the evolving workplace
  • Inclusion is more than a happy hour - a deep dive into three fundamental building blocks for inclusive teams: transparency in information and decisions, an invitation to take risks, and recognizing and rewarding hard work, and their roles in creating environments where people feel they belong and can thrive
  • Failure as feedback - actionable tools for how to build psychological safety and tap into a growth mindset where teams can feel comfortable taking the necessary risks to drive innovation
  • ...or ask for a custom theme/topic 
Want a sneak preview of my workshops? Check out my courses on LinkedIn Learning, viewed by more than 25,000 learners.

Keynotes & Talks

Keynotes and talks to unlock new perspectives and ways of approaching challenges in life and work. We all get stuck, and the more we bring these experiences to the surface, the less alone we feel, and then more we are able to tackle challenges head on to reach the outcomes we want. 

Topics include:
  • Decisions aren't the end, they're only the beginning - based on my TEDx talk promoted by with 140k+ views
  • The transformational power of reframing - how to tap into the power of new perspectives to get unstuck and go after what we want
  • Accountability it the secret to effective teams - tired of everything feeling harder than it needs to? Reframe your team's relationship with accountability and unlock transformation.  
  • Demystifying feedback - feedback is one of the hardest things about the workplace, but it's only because we're so bad at it. 

  • Inclusion is more than a happy hour - understand three fundamental building blocks for inclusive teams

  • ...or ask for a custom theme/topic 

Want a sneak peak at my keynotes / talks? Check out my TEDx talk or YouTube Channel.




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