101: Being a bottleneck is costing you thousands of dollars a month

Season #1

What if I told you that one of the people costing you the most money in your business...is you?

What are you doing to cost yourself all that cash? Are you not doing enough? Do you need to work harder? Do you need to be more involved with the team’s work?

Actually, it’s exactly the opposite: you need to be less involved. Because when you’re too hands-on with your team’s projects, you might find yourself becoming the dreaded "B" word: a bottleneck.

When you have a bottleneck in business, it means something—or someone—is causing work to slow down. And oftentimes, that someone is us.

But don't panic! I have three simple strategies you can use to break that bottleneck wide open and get things flowing again, and I'm sharing them with you today.



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