096: Help! Is it too late to fix my team?

Season #1

There's one question I get from business owners and managers that absolutely breaks my heart:

"Is it too late for my team?"

First of all, the answer is NO—it is not too late for your team, no matter how hopeless or stuck you might feel, no matter how unmotivated they seem, no matter how unwilling they are to change. Even if you think you've tried everything, there's always something else out there...

In fact, I have THREE somethings for you to try right here, right now.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stalled out, and inches away from ripping up your whole team and starting over fresh...take a breath and listen to me.

This is hard stuff. Especially when you're doing it alone. But you haven't failed. You aren't too late. And you don't actually have to do this alone.

Let's go over three strategies to get you unstuck...and to get your team rallied around you and your business again.



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