094: How to get people to stop rolling their eyes at the word "process"

Season #1

There is a phrase that I have been hearing over the last few weeks that has left me a bit mind-boggled…

“Process for process’s sake.”

This phrase actually came up in a workshop I was leading for a corporate client around optimizing time. I heard teams saying, “I don’t want there to be process for process’s sake,” or, “It feels like this is just us thinking of new processes for process’s sake.”

I was sitting in this workshop like, “What the actual beep do people mean by this?” And after thinking about it for a bit, I think I finally understand…and I want to talk about what it means for us as managers, because if people are feeling like we are asking them to do something just for the hell of it, we've got a real problem...  but we also have a real opportunity.

And trust me, it's an opportunity you want to seize right away.



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