093: 3 ways to turn your team members into profit-generating machines

Season #1

Let me see if this story sounds familiar...

We hire great people. We pay them well. We inspire them to do great work...

And yet, more often than not, they come in and do the bare minimum expected of them.

This isn’t the same as neglecting their responsibilities—they’re accomplishing their tasks, kind of—but we often know that they have more potential than that. So how do we get them from just showing up to showing up at their absolute best?

Today, I want to talk about three ways to turn your employees into profit-generating machines. Because when we do these three things, we can shift things around from folks just showing up and doing the bare minimum to having employees who think proactively about growing the business...and trust me, this is something that will have a HUGE impact on your ability to meet your scaling goals in the upcoming year!



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