091: 10 things to make your life easier as a manager

Season #1

This week, I want to equip you with a tool you can use to simplify your team operations almost immediately: the Thriving Team Checklist!

As managers, it's easy for small things (or big things that don't necessarily fall into the realm of our day-to-day responsibilities!) to slip through the cracks. This doesn't mean we're doing a poor job, or that we're bad managers—it just means we need a little help keeping track of these tasks. It's no different than how we need calendars to keep track of meetings or to-do lists to keep track of daily tasks.

I created the Thriving Team Checklist with ten simple tasks you can do every single week—not per day, per week—to keep your team operations running as smoothly as possible. Today, I'm going to walk you through each item to explain its importance...and how to complete each one effectively!    



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