087: Two pitfalls to avoid when setting priorities for your team

Season #1

With 2024 rushing toward us at breakneck speed, it's time to start deciding what we're going to prioritize in our businesses to finish out the end of the year.

As managers and business owners, we have a very unique skill: we can see dire importance in EVERY task we set in front of our teams, no matter how small. But this skill can also cause a bit of a problem: because we see everything as important, we can struggle to narrow down our list of tasks to what we ACTUALLY need to prioritize.

The definition of "priority" is "the most important thing." Just ONE important thing—not a long list!

When we can prioritize properly, it can help our team rally around our goals and end the year with team morale at an all-time high. But choosing too many priorities isn't the only pitfall we need to avoid. Let's go over them together!  



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