086: Reframing delegating to save you time, money, and stress

Season #1

What if I told you that it only takes one simple mindset reframe to save you a heap of time, money, and stress?

Reframing people's perspectives is my jam. I'm obsessed with reworking your view on certain things to reveal the opportunities that have always been there...you just couldn't see them.

Today, I'm going to help you reframe your view around delegation.

When we delegate, we can reduce stress, build trust with our team, and save ourselves hours of time and a shocking amount of money. Delegation is a tool that will instantly simplify the process of scaling...

Yet, so many of us think of delegation as a thing to avoid.

Whatever your reason for avoiding delegation, I'm going to flip it on its head today. Let me explain how delegating benefits both you and your team!



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