083: How a focus on innovation fuels high performance in teams with Andrew Barry, L&D Expert and Founder & CEO of Curious Lion

Season #1

Having innovative and creative teams is something we all strive for, but we don't always know how to foster these qualities on our teams - especially when we're running from one deadline to the next. But when we think in terms of story, expectations, and learning, we're able to weave this into every fiber of our work. 

In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Andrew Barry, Learning & Development expert and Founder/CEO of Curious Lion, where we discuss how to fuel innovation and creativity in our teams and how this fosters psychological safety and high performance.

About Andrew: 

Andrew has an extensive background in learning and development, serving in executive roles at global organizations like KPMG. As I mentioned, he is now the founder and CEO of Curious Lion, a company that specializes in high-performance leadership and developing leaders. Some of his clients include PagerDuty and Pinterest among others, and host of the Learning Culture Podcast. 

Learn more about Andrew and his company Curious Lion: https://curiouslionlearning.com/

Check out Andrew's podcast: https://curiouslionlearning.com/tcl-podcast/



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