068: Beating burnout and building more resilient teams with Corene Phelps, Hypnotherapist & somatic success coach for entrepreneurs and business leaders

Season #1

As managers and leaders, we're no strangers to sprinting marathons. But there comes a time when we have to take a step backwards and ask ourselves, is this sustainable?

In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Corene Phelps, hypnotherapist & somatic success coach for entrepreneurs and business leaders, where we discuss overcoming burnout and building resilience on teams, money mindset, and finding your steady state as a leader.

About Corene:
Corene is a Native Washingtonian who left a successful career in luxury real estate for entrepreneurship, investing, and personal development. She became obsessed with combining the power of peak performance, intuition & purpose to harness untapped potential. The last 10 years have been a journey into spirituality, business, wealth creation, and doing what it takes to create extraordinary impact. Her mission as a HypnoBreathwork® therapist is to help others tap into the power of a regulated nervous system & the subconscious to unlock new levels of wealth, success & freedom.

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