057: The most important question to ask before giving feedback

Season #1

It's hard to find a topic more fraught than 'feedback' when it comes to the workplace. Why? Because it brings up all sorts of feelings about not being good enough, feeling misunderstood, even having new things to have to focus on that we didn't have the time or energy for. The result is both the feedback giver and receiver dreads the conversation, and neither really got what they needed from it. 

But one of the biggest reasons it can be so contentious is that we're not really that good at doing it. That changes today. In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I share the game changing question to ask yourself before giving feedback. This question will anchor the conversation in something you are both on the same page on, resulting in a more productive and effective conversation. 

If feedback is a topic your team struggles with, let me know. This is one of my favorite topics to support teams with because when we get it right, it's transformational. Reach out at [email protected] and let's talk about where your team is getting stuck and how I might be able to support.


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