053: Bringing out the inner superhero in our team members with Cory Charles, Founder of The SuperHero Mindset

Season #1

As managers and leaders, we have the power to show our team members their full potential - and as they say, "with great power comes great responsibility" ;) 

In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Cory Charles, Founder of the Human Potential Accelerator, leadership coach, and sales trainer extraordinaire, where we talk about how to bring a superhero mindset to your team, leading with authenticity, and how introverts can be fantastic salespeople when they focus first on building a human connection. 

About Cory:
Cory is a visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and catalyst for personal transformation. Unlocking hidden potential, empowering others, and igniting greatness within. His goal is to impact 1 Million lives worldwide, and once he hits that, to impact 5 million then 10 million and beyond.

Learn more about Cory and his work: superheromindset.co
Connect with Cory on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cory-charles-levelup/


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