028: How to give positive feedback effectively

Season #1

Today we're making feedback a lot more fun!

I promised we'd be talking about feedback a lot on this show ;)

Why? Because feedback is one of the most important skills for managers, but more than that, because feedback needs a rebrand. 

Feedback is such a tough issue because we tend to think of it as all of the bad stuff - the things we did wrong or messed up. 

But that's not actually what feedback is - feedback is information about how we're being perceived, GOOD or BAD - and when we start to support our teams in reframing feedback from criticism to information, we start to build more comfort talking about feedback as a whole. 

And this episode talks all about how to effectively give positive feedback to bring more safety to the conversation around feedback, motivate your team, and reinforce the great behaviors you want to see more of. 


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