022: Practical tools for leading with empathy with Kerri Jacobs, Creator of the Leading with Empathy Program at Google

Season #1

We've all heard about the importance of empathy in the workplace, but have we actually internalized what this means?

In this conversation, I talk with Kerri Jacobs, creator of the Leading with Empathy program at Google about the signals the key signals team members look for to know they feel valued by their manager, how leaders can display and model empathy on their teams, the power of recognition and gratitude on teams, and why this important now more than ever. 

About Kerri:
Kerri Jacobs has been leading high performing teams at Google for over 12 years. Her obsession with empathy in leadership and inclusion in every aspect of life led her to create the program and roll it out to leaders at Google. 

Kerri is a member of the 2021 Class of Stanford University's CCARE in collaboration with ACA’s™  Applied Compassion Training™ for Architects and Ambassadors of Applied Compassion.

Learn more about the Leading with Empathy program: https://www.leadingwithempathy.com/


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