Three Team Norms That Will Give You Back Hours Each Week

Aug 15, 2023

Guess what? I've got three team norms for you today that'll save you at least five hours a week. Yup, that’s the magic of norms—they help us create consistency, and consistency leads to efficiency. So if you’re tired of the never-ending Slack threads, duplicate documents, or meetings that make you go 🤦‍♀️, this one's for you.

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1️⃣ Communication Norms

First up, let's talk about how we chat. Email? Slack? Text? Smoke signals? Nah, just kidding. But seriously, setting up norms around what tool to use for what purpose is a lifesaver. No more scrolling through Slack for that long-lost message, or waking up to emails at 3 AM from team members in different time zones (yes, I see you, schedule send feature).

2️⃣ Meeting Norms

Then there's meetings—yeah, everyone's favorite, right? Let's be real, before the pandemic, we were spending about 23 hours a week in meetings! So let's set some boundaries here. Define how long the meeting should be, who needs to be there, and what the agenda should include. Saving just 15 minutes per meeting? Over time, that really adds up, trust me.

3️⃣ Where To Find Things Norm

Don’t you just love hunting down that elusive Google Drive folder? Me neither. Make it easy for everyone by setting up norms around where documents and files should live. No more duplicates, no more wasted time, just blissful efficiency.

What’s Next?

So, go ahead and give these norms a try. Whether it's streamlined communication, more effective meetings, or knowing exactly where to find what you need, you're gonna save so much time.

Got a success story? I want to hear from you! Shoot me an email and tell me how these norms are revolutionizing your team. Catch ya next time!

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