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Scaling Your Business and Team: The Power of Priorities, Expectations, and Rewards

Jun 08, 2023

Scaling Your Business and Team: The Power of Priorities, Expectations, and Rewards

Ah, the thrill of scaling—when your business goes from cozy startup to "Hey, we need more hands on deck!" It's not just about getting bigger; it's about getting better. Sure, you’ve shared your vision and set your priorities, but guess what? That's table stakes these days. Your team wants more. They have lives, families, and TikToks to catch up on. It doesn't mean they don't care; they just need something more to buy into.

Connecting the Dots: The Magic Trifecta

I go all in on this topic in Episode 48 of my podcast, Managing Made Simple. There, I dish out a no-nonsense framework for getting your team off the clock and into the game. It's all about aligning Priorities, Expectations, and Rewards. This is your magic trifecta, people!

🎙️ Check out Episode 48: How to empower your team to help grow your business 



You as a Leader: Are You Leaning In or Stepping Back?

How you show up as a leader—your confidence, your belief in yourself—fuels your team's enthusiasm. In Episode 49, I chat with Bridgitte Mallinson, who's been there, done that, with two 7-figure businesses. She breaks down how she evolved from a solopreneur to a leader with a killer team, and why her own personal development was key.

🎙️Check out Episode 49: Building the company you want to be a part of with Bridgitte Mallinson, Founder/CEO of GutPersonal & Business Mentor 


Taking Control in an Unpredictable Workplace

You can't control market trends or global events, but you can control the work environment and how you show up for your team. If you're drowning in day-to-day uncertainties or finding yourself stuck in the weeds, let's talk.

Struggling with this? You're not alone. Drop me a line at [email protected]. We can explore 1:1 coaching, team support, or other ways to get you unstuck and on your way to scaling like a pro.

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