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managers Feb 28, 2023
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Calling all managers, team leaders, and folks who think they might manage someone in the future...

How are you doing?

We hear all of the time the saying "people don't leave companies they leave managers," and even if we agree, it sure puts a lot of pressure on us as managers. 

As a manager myself during the first few years of the pandemic, there was a lot of conversation around wellbeing and burnout, but not a ton of conversation around managers having to be in the thick of figuring all of it out, being equally scared or overwhelmed or unsure or unmotivated but having to keep a solid foundation and sense of normalcy for their teams. 

> People were wondering how to give hard feedback without hurting someone’s feelings.

> They wanted to know how to have an effective career conversation.

> How to manage a former friend or peer without it being awkward.

> Ways to strike the right balance of being in the know while not being a micromanager.

> Or how to scale their own impact and career while supporting the aspirations of their teams.

Sound familiar?

So was I.

And as I looked more and more for information and resources about how to navigate all of the different sticky situations managers were encountering, I found that there wasn't really a conversation about the good, the bad, and the ugly about being a people manager.

So I decided to create one. 

The Managing Made Simple Podcast, launching TODAY 🎉🎉🎉 is your new one-stop-shop to all things people management, in a fun, relatable, and actionable format that leaves you with tools you can apply right away with your teams. 

The show brings stories from my decade in the corporate, tools and lessons I’ve picked up in managing teams and developing manager development programming, skills cultivated through hundreds of hours of coaching, and thought provoking interviews to give you everything you need to thrive as a manager.

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…and because helping people feel a little less stuck is my mission on earth, I want to hear from you!

For managers and team leaders out there, take my manager quiz and share some of the challenges you’re wresting with, and I’ll reply with a customized video with some strategies you can apply to your team. 

That's all for now! 

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