Are You Micromanaging? Spot the Signs and Turn It Around

Aug 01, 2023

Let's be honest—no one sets out to micromanage. But sometimes, we fall into it without even knowing. The kicker? Our teams definitely notice, and it's not doing anyone any favors. So how can you figure out if you're the micromanaging type?

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Sign #1: You're in All the Meetings

If you find yourself hopping from one meeting to the next, pause for a second. You might be a little too involved and it's time to reassess. Being everywhere isn't always a good thing.

Sign #2: You're the Decision Champ

Making all the calls, even the small ones? You might be hogging the decision-making space. Let's create some room for your team to step up and make choices too.

Sign #3: Your Team Wants More to Do

When team members are asking for more tasks, listen. They're literally telling you they're ready for more. So, why hold them back?

What to Do About It? Letting Go is Key.

Your main role as a manager is to help your team shine, not to do everything yourself. People want to feel they have some control and are making a meaningful contribution. Recognizing these signs is the first step in making a positive change.

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