This ONE THING will save you time and money when hiring new people

Apr 16, 2024

Hiring the right team members can be a make-or-break moment for your business, and in this week's episode of Managing Made Simple, I discuss the number one thing you can do to save time and money in the hiring process.


So, what's the key takeaway? It's all about defining the criteria that will make a person a great fit for your team BEFORE you even start the hiring process. It's not just about the job description and responsibilities; it is about identifying the behaviors, values, and skills that are essential for success in your specific company and industry.

In the episode, I also dive into how this approach leads to a more equitable hiring process by reducing biases and creating a high-performing, diverse team.

Making great hiring decisions isn’t just about filling a current gap or putting out a fire that exists today - it's about hiring with the future in mind, ensuring that the new team member aligns with the evolving needs of your company or team.

If you're tired of high turnover, wasted time, and resources due to hiring missteps, this episode is a must-listen. The simple act of setting clear hiring criteria is guaranteed to make a significant impact on your business's success.

Now... what you do once you’ve hired someone is a whole other can of worms - if you need support on setting up new hires for success with a clear onboarding process, my Ops Playbook system might be for you.

Email me at [email protected] and share what's going on in your team, and let's get you the support you need.

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