"Do More, Do Less": A Fresh Take on Team Leadership

May 30, 2023

You know what they say about balance, right? It's not just for yoga poses or budget sheets; it's crucial in managing a team too. This week on Managing Made Simple, I'm dishing out the secret sauce on two things every manager should aim to do more of—and less of—for instant improvement. Yep, you read that right. Immediate results, people!

What to Do LESS Of: Stop Making All the Decisions

I get it, as managers, we often feel we're the decision-making hub. But guess what? That approach can have some gnarly side-effects. When you're always the decision-maker, three things happen:

  1. Idle Time: Your team is left twiddling their thumbs, waiting for your next command, which wastes everyone's time—and company dollars.

  2. Dependency: Team members get accustomed to waiting for your green light before doing anything. Not a recipe for proactivity.

  3. Lack of Trust: Over-relying on your decisions sends the message that you don't trust your team's judgment. Ouch.

Time to switch things up. Figure out those key decisions that only you can make (spoiler: it’s not as many as you think), and delegate the rest.

🎧 Tune in to Episode 44 of Managing Made Simple to get the 4-1-1 on my framework for effective decision delegation.

What to Do MORE Of: Lead With Love

I'm not talking about roses and chocolates here. Leading with love means creating a safe space for vulnerability and humanity in your team. It means setting high standards and clear expectations while showing up with respect, compassion, and yes—vulnerability.

When a goal isn't met, kickstart that convo by highlighting what you could've done better. Encourage your team to share their struggles and victories. Let's make it cool to be human at work, okay?

🎧 For more on this, don't miss Episode 45 with the incredible Chris Hartley, as we discuss why "leading with love" makes all the difference.

The Bottom Line: Balance is Key

Fancy a quick motivational boost? For a list of 20 actionable steps you can take this month to be an even better manager, snag my Thriving Team Scorecard at liagarvin.com/scorecard.

Till next time, managers. Keep the balance, and lead well!


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