3 things that are costing your business money EVERYDAY

Apr 30, 2024

Hey {{ first_name }},

No matter what kind of business we're operating or team we're in, we're all kind of in a cost-cutting mode, right?

Well I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, switching to single-ply toilet paper ain't the ticket to get there. 

The best way, and in my opinion, the ONLY way, to truly maximize revenue and profits is to OPTIMIZE the way how work gets done on your team. That's why in this week's episode of Managing Made Simple, I talk about three places that are costing your business money every week - what they are and how to fix it. 


Pop quiz - before reading on, close your eyes for a moment and guess what they are.

Ok ready for the answers: 

  1. Lack of regular feedback 
  2. Meetings without agendas or that run over time
  3. Not knowing the status of active projects

How'd you do?

The combination of these time killers results in low morale, lack of clarity around work getting done, and high turnover - and there's nothing more expensive than high turnover (we're talking revenue lost in the order of SIX TO NINE months of that former employee's salary). 

But I'm not here to scare you, the episode gives you my playbook for exactly how to solve these problems. 

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