Three fool-proof strategies for negotiating with confidence


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Wait, good work doesn't just get noticed?

Nope, it doesn't. In this module we'll explore one of the the hardest professional challenges I've seen women struggle with, talking about our work and impact in a way that feels authentic and communicates the value we bring. 

Here you will gain tools to bring visibility into your impact so you are tapped for career advancing opportunities.

Decisions aren't the end, they are only the beginning.

The best case scenario is just as likely as the worst case, and yet when it comes to decision-making, 99.999% of the time we worry about the worst case.
Just me? I didn't think so.

In this module we will reframe the finality of decisions to overcome overthinking and enable you to take bigger and bolder risks in your career.

It's not you, it's your approach.

Failure is a gift. Or was it feedback that's a gift? Doesn't matter. Both true, both suck. Failure is something talked about more and more as something we're supposed to run towards, but would kind of rather not.

We're gonna change that, leaving you with tools to differentiate between failures, setbacks, and mistakes, and how to embrace all three.

The Unstuck Career Accelerator

The Unstuck Career Accelerator teaches women how to recognize and reframe the patterns and limiting beliefs making you feel stuck so you can move faster and recession-proof your career.

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