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✔ We've all been there - you're ready to make a move and don't want to wait weeks to start seeing results.

 Or - you’re tired of feeling stuck in your role and want to make a change NOW.

 The job market is competitive right now, and if you're looking for something new (or are coming up on a promotion conversation with your manager), you don’t have time to wait weeks or even months to figure out a game plan.

My Career Strategy Power hour is your secret weapon to accelerating your career transition, accomplishing in ONE HOUR what would take other coaches 3-6 sessions, not to mention the additional fees for resume reviews.

Bringing a combination of a done WITH you and done FOR you approach, you will come away from our session with: 

Elevator Pitch

Lock in the “Elevator pitch” to support you in confidently and authentically amplify your your work

Tune into those Superpowers

Three (3) superpower stories to share in an interview or conversation with your manager about a promotion

Nail your Resume

Comprehensive resume audit to identify key areas to refine to maximize the unique value you bring 🤓


Once you start applying for jobs, planning your promotion conversation, or reaching out to recruiters, I will review and give feedback on three (3) emails to help make sure you’re maximizing the way you’re talking about your amazingness and impact.

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"I started working with Lia during a moment when I didn't feel like I was getting the recognition I deserved at work. She helped me see where I was getting in my own way and tell my story with more impact, resulting in getting a promotion the next review cycle and earning a higher salary."
UX Designer, Meta

Why all of this? 

I know how stressful it can be to navigate a job search or pivot, and when you have to go to 5 different coaches to figure out your approach it can be both exhausting and time consuming. My goal is to make our conversation a one-stop-shop for everything you need to hit the ground running. 

"Working with Lia has been gamechanging for me. She goes above and beyond to prioritize me, and I now feel armed with the tools to move my life and career in the direction I truly want it to go—not where anyone else thinks it should go."


Senior Software Engineer, Tech Startup

Career Strategy Power Hour

Let's accelerate your journey to living your full potential at work.

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