How to empower your teams to own their magic with Rebecca Cafiero, Founder/CEO of The Pitch Club & Business Strategist

Season #1

In this episode I interview Rebecca Cafiero, Founder & CEO of the Pitch Club and business strategist as she discusses her journey as a leader in the corporate world into entrepreneurship. Rebecca dives into the importance of transferrable skills in hiring, investing in your team members, creating space for wellbeing, and developing your team so they can step into the best versions of themselves.

We also talk about the importance of aligning your team around your vision and the vision of your company so they understand where they fit into the bigger picture, or you can effectively support your team members in finding what is next for them. 

About Rebecca: Rebecca Cafiero is a business and lifestyle strategist who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs intentionally grow their businesses without sacrificing their quality of life.

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