117: Operations aren’t boring, they’re the secret to higher profits

Season #1

What do knowing how long work takes to get done, meetings ending on time, and work all being tracked in one place have in common? They ALL save you time and money and are part of healthy team operations. 

When I talk about team operations, people don't always understand what I mean off the bat - but it's the glue that holds all of the work that happens in your team and business together, and what's the difference between being profitable and closing the doors. 

In episode 117 of Managing Made Simple, I talk about how streamlining your team operations is game changing for ANY kind of business, and simple ways to help your teams achieve better results without burning out. 


Grab your copy of THE UNSTOPPABLE TEAM, your playbook for communicating better with your team, managing with ease, and reaching higher profitability - all without burning yourself or your team out. 



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