118: The keys to a high performing remote team, with Justin Benson, CEO of the Bara Agency

Season #1

When it comes to running a high performing virtual team, the Bara Agency has it figured out. In this week's episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Justin Benson, the CEO of Bara Agency, where we talk about the importance of living your team values, how to create meaningful in-person moments even when fully remote, building a culture of accountability, and beyond. 

About Justin: 
As the founder and leader of the Bara Agency, Justin is the place where problems come to die. Half nerd and half real estate agent, He’s built teams from the ground up, sold 1000’s of houses, and created the custom technology, systems, and strategies that were needed to scale along the way.

Learn more about Justin and Bara Agency at: https://baraagency.com/


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