085: How nailing the basics of managing solves your HR issues with Jackie Koch, Founder/CEO of People Principles and HR expert

Season #1

When it comes to being a manager it can feel like there are so many things you have to get right. But when you cover off on the basics, you've laid such strong foundation to have a high functioning team. 

In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Jackie Koch, Founder/CEO of People Principles and HR expert, where dive into simple strategies for nailing your 1:1s, onboarding, work tracking, and beyond to make it easier for folks to get their work done, and reduce the "people issues" that slow teams down. 

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About Jackie: 
With over a decade of experience recruiting and scaling people ops for start ups and small businesses, Jackie founded People Principles 3 years ago to help CEOs get the people stuff right.



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