079: Leaning into lessons from sales to be a better leader with Jillian Murphy, Sales & Business Coach

Season #1

What is one of the biggest leadership lessons that applies both to managers in the corporate world and entrepreneur space? Investing in your people. When we lead with authenticity and demonstrate to our teams that we are invested in them and their growth, they not only will stay, but do better work. 

In this episode of Managing Made Simple, I'm joined by Jillian Murphy, Sales & Business Coach and 22 year corporate veteran where we talk about leading with authenticity, lessons from working in sales to apply to being a better leader, and simple shifts we can make to improve our sales as business owners. 

About Jillian:
With over 22 years of business experience in sales/marketing and growing multiple businesses of her own, she has now made it her mission to help online business owners gain REAL results in sales and messaging.

Reference in this show: Jillian's interview on the Leading with the Enneagram podcast with Tracy O'Malley

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