Help! Should I make this a new company policy?

Jun 18, 2024

Ever feel like your team just isn't quite getting the culture you're striving to build? Or maybe you're constantly reminding them about certain behaviors? Trust me, I've been there too.

This week on the Managing Made Simple podcast, I break down a crucial difference that could drastically improve how your team operates: **Setting Policies vs. Team Norms**.


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Here are three key takeaways from the episode:

1. **Policies Define Compliance**

Think legal ramifications and safety measures. For instance, discrimination and harassment policies are essential to protect your team. These are non-negotiable and come with clear consequences if breached. By sticking to using policies for these critical areas, you avoid turning your workplace into a rulebook-heavy environment.

2. **Norms Shape Culture**

If you want your team to proactively come up with solutions, don't slap a policy on that behavior. Instead, focus on creating working norms that empower and instill a sense of ownership within your team. For example, if you want your team to bring solutions instead of just problems, start modeling this behavior yourself and encourage it consistently through meetings and informal interactions.

3. **Model and Reinforce Norms**

It all starts with you. Highlight and celebrate when team members embody these norms. Use team meetings to reinforce them and consider introducing awards for those who consistently show the desired behaviors. By doing this, you foster a culture where everyone is aware and proud of "how we do things here."

For more ways to bring modeling team norms to life, check out my interview with Justin Beson the CEO of the Bara Agency on Episode 118. In the conversation, we discussed how he embedded team values that naturally turned into working norms. His example beautifully illustrates how clear values can lead to self-sustaining norms that require fewer policies and cultivate a culture of accountability.

Ready to dive deeper into how you can transform your team with effective norms? Tune in to the full episode!

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